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Буквально сегодня из центрально офиса WCF, мы получили номер лицензии на предстоящую выставку!
А посему считаем регистрацию открытой! Спешите подать заявку со скидкой до 31 декабря 2010г.
Odessa - Ukraine
Date: March 05, 06 2011
Riga, 2010-10-27 issue-1
1st application: 2010-10-26
License L# 11255 - EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW - region 3
C-4030, C-4031
To: APFC, Cheshire Cat
Dear President(s),
This license is to give you the right to hold the show listed below once it is licensed under WCF Show Rules and regulations.
No American rings, for whatever purpose, are allowed in WCF shows, only WCF-rings.
See approved rules for that purpose.
Special show(s): British, Scottish, Sphynx, Oriental, Persian
Club(s): APFC (UA-0120)
Sub-club(s): Cheshire Cat (UA-0120-07)
Dr. Inna Shustrova, Russia (AB,WCF)
Svetlana Volkova, Ukraine (AB,WCF)
Klaas van der Wijk, Netherlands (AB,WCF)
Guy André Pantigny, France (AB,WCF)

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