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* WCF – Show licensing management - Ukraine

Odessa - Ukraine
Date: June 30, July 01 2012

Poltava, 2011-11-05 issue-1
1st application: 2011-11-03
License L# 12243 - EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW - UKA-040
C-4846, C-4847

To: Cheshire Cat
Att.: Leonid Mitko

Dear President(s),

This license is to give you the right to hold the show listed below once it is licensed under WCF Show Rules and regulations.
No American rings, for whatever purpose, are allowed in WCF shows, only WCF-rings. 
See approved rules for that purpose.

Special Show(s): Scottish, British, Sphynx

Club(s): Cheshire Cat (UA-0255)
Sub-club(s): ---

Yanina Melnikova, Belarus (AB,WCF) 
Natalia Byelova, Ukraine (AB,WCF) 
Dr. Victor Zaalov, Israel (SH,SOSH,WCF) 


It is not allowed to add any judge, not listed in this license, and no other judge, for whatever purpose, is allowed to judge on this exhibition. 
Monopedigree rings are generally not permitted, any wins will not be recognized. 
You may organize special breed shows. Note: These special breed shows are not permitted to be called "ring" or to be performed as ring. 
The only rings, which you are permitted to perform, are the 3 WCF-rings as defined in the Show Rules. 
You can make a separate Best in Show for specific breeds, which must be made according to the rules for the BIS. 
The winners of the BIS for the 4 categories and the winners of the BIS of special shows are allowed to participate in the Best of Best.

Please remember to place on stage a large WCF symbol and print this license on one of the first pages of the show catalogue. 
Only exhibitions with licenses printed in the show catalogues prove they are really licensed and valid for WCF awards. 

We would like to remind you on all those very important points: 

ALL SHOWS MUST BE LICENSED and licenses must be printed in the show catalogues. The club will face disciplinary actions, 
and at least a fine of Euro 200.- will apply if the club does not comply with this resolution. 
Each show catalogue must include a page for the WCF, including the names and addresses of the Board-members. 
In all World and International Shows with foreign judges or exhibitors, all announcements and cat calls during the show 
and Best in Show ceremonies, MUST BE made also in English, not only in the native language of the country. 
In WCF exhibitions cats cannot be judged more than once per day even in combined exhibitions with two or more WCF-clubs, under penalty of rules. 
Please send the amended show-application, if you need to invite other judges, at least 6 weeks before the date of the exhibition. 
A copy of this show catalogue, electronically or normal, with all results must be sent to the Chairman of the Show Commission,
presently Mr. Paolo Veneziani, latest 10 days after the date of exhibition.
Please buy Certificate-numbers from the WCF treasurer in advance and send the C-numbers together with all the data 
when requesting a license at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the exhibition. 
A change of the place requires a new payment and a new C-number, a change of the date until 6 weeks before the exhibition is free. 

We from the Board wish you all the best for this upcoming show. 

Best regards

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